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Sell Orlando Business

Sell Orlando Business

Have you spent years building and nurturing your business and now your aspirations have been met and you just want to retire?

Bateson Business Brokerage is located in the heart of Central Florida in the greater Orlando metropolitan area.  The office is approximately 9 miles north of downtown Orlando and is situated one mile west of Interstate 4 at the junction of SR 434 & Wekiva Springs Road.

Bateson Business Brokerage sells businesses! In fact, there is likely a present demand for your business not being met. If you are ready to sell, we are ready to assist you in selling it.

Sell Orlando BusinessWe are a Licensed Florida Real Estate Company!

 It is important to know that not all states license and regulate business brokers. Florida is very strict, and requires that any intermediary selling businesses in Florida must hold a current Florida Real Estate License.

Retirement and
Business Exit Planning

Sell Orlando Business:
In order to accomplish your goals you will need to enlist professional help to prepare your business for your departure. The amount of time, effort and who to call are dependent on the size and the scope of your business enterprise.
Bateson Business Brokerage is well versed...
..in what needs to be put in place to optimize your business value. We will work with you and your legal and financial advisors to explain the buyers' expectations and what you can expect in the selling process.
Sell Orlando Business:
The first part of the process is to analyze the historical financials of the business, and put together a snapshot of the current conditions of the business, the industry and the area it serves.
Buyers want to make money and they want to minimize their risk
It is our collective job to systematically organize the information they need to make their decision. Preparation for the sale is tantamount to a successful and smooth transition.
To begin, we will conduct a valuation
We will do a valuation of the business to give you an opinion of what we believe is the fair market value. Then we will meet with you and your advisors so that you understand the valuation methods and how we arrived at our opinion.

Along with the valuation, we will point out how your business compares with others in the industry. With this knowledge you will have the insight to know whether to proceed to market the business or to delay the selling process until you and the business are prepared and ready to sell.
What is the mission of our Organization?
Simply stated - Sell Orlando Business!! Bateson Business Brokerage, Inc was formed to give personalized service to our sellers and buyers. We will give you the extra effort needed to insure that the sale of your  business goes smoothly, and with total confidentiality.

We make ourselves available to you at all times possible to guide you through the sale of your business. We understand the momentous nature of selling the business that you have devoted so much time, energy and emotions to build. It is like selling a part of your life.
Our business success is based on referrals from our clients we have helped; our goal is to help them all be successful!

Sometimes it takes several years to get to the point that is best for the transition, and we will stay in touch with you during this time to update the valuation and to be your sounding board. 

If you are prepared for a "sell Orlando business" scenario, we will guide you through the process and orchestrate the transition!

Call us today to schedule an appointment - (407) 772-2340

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Have you ever asked yourself "how do I go about selling my business"?

Has the time come when you are ready to retire, or have you just lost interest in the business and want to do something else in life?

Why do you need a Professional Business Broker?

A business broker not only has the past experience of selling other businesses, a business broker is an intermediary that is a conduit between the seller and the buyer. 

Insulation from the emotional swings in negotiating the sale allows you time to think. We prepare information to be routed to the buyer and give you the feedback. This allows you as the seller time to prepare your response so that it is accurate and well thought out. We are your sounding board.

A business sale can be a long process, we once had a business that we listed and sold in seven days, however this is not the norm generally the transaction takes months.

Bateson Business Brokerage is success based. This is another reason for using the services of a business broker. You are not paying hourly fees, travel expenses, marketing fees, fees for faxes, phone calls and e-mails.

Through our experience, interpersonal skills and professional knowledge and associations we have all the tools to maximize the value of your business

Our fees are success based to minimize any out of pocket expenses for you and your company.

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